Hyundai Vision

"We deliver the Best Customer Services"

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Best Service

  • Providing best-quality insurance offerings
  • Differentiated insurance services
  • Offering a variety of additional services that enhance the quality of life
growth chart with customers

Growing with Customers

  • Shared growth with partner firms
  • Serving an increasingly critical role in the social safety net
  • Strengthening socially responsible management practices
map showing company network

The Growing Company

  • Pursuing growth in core business area
  • Seeking new growth engines

4 Management Strategy Directions and 12 Core Tasks


Strengthen Core Business Competitiveness

  • Beef up capabilities in market-leading product development, underwriting, and policy management
  • Reinforce sales competitiveness under an open multi-channel market structure
  • Retain industry-leading claims competitiveness
  • Bolster asset management capability to increase returns on investment

Improve Business Infrastructure

  • Create a new organizational culture unique to Hyundai marine & fire insurance and nurture personnel development
  • Enhance risk management capability commensurate with business diversification and asset size
  • Adopt state-of-the-art IT infrastructure to improve operational efficiency

Maximize Customer Value

  • Strengthen brand image to increase customer confidence and loyalty
  • Offer total customer service beyond simple risk protection
  • Expand socially responsible activities as a leading insurer

Prepare New Growth Engines

  • Gradually grow global business areas beyond domestic market
  • Improve preparedness to secure new growth opportunities